How To Order Nets?

When ordering nets, please specify:

  1. Kind Of Yarn
    • Polyethylene (PE), e.g. 380 Denier (D), 600 D
    • Nylon Monofilament, e.g. Ø 0.20mm (milimeter), Ø 0.33mm
    • Nylon Multifilament, e.g 210 D
  2. Kind Of Twine

    Number of plys and strands of the twine:

    • Number of plys means total number of single yarn twisted together to compose twine.
    • Number of strands means number of set of yarns twisted together to compose twine.
    e.g. Nylon 210D/ 9 (L3)
    Nylon 210 Denier
    Number of plys: 9
    Number of strands: 3
    Direction of the twist: Left
  3. Mesh Size

    There are several ways of describing the mesh size which can be measured in milimeter or inches.

    However, we would like to propose to confine only two ways as below in order to avoid confusion:

    • Streched Mesh or Full Mesh
      "Stretched Mesh” means the distance from the centre of one knot to that of an opposite knot in stretched state of net.

    • Half Mesh
      "Half Mesh” means the distance from the centre of one knot to that of the neighbouring knot. Another name of this way is called "square mesh” or "knot to knot”

  4. Depth Of Net

    Depth of net is indicated by either Mesh Depth (MD) or depth/width measurement:

    • Number of meshes (e.g. 100 MD, 400 MD)
    • Meters, Feets or Yards (e.g. 20Mtr, 50 Ft, 30 Yds)
  5. Lenght Of Net

    This can be indicated by either Mesh Length (ML) or length measurement:

    • Number of meshes (e.g. 600 ML, 1200 ML)
    • Meters, Feets or Yards (e.g. 90Mtr, 100 Ft, 50 Yds)

  6. Selvage

    The following information is necessary:

    • whether the net is to be with or without selvage. (Please note that the Single Selvage means no selvage)
    • whether the selvage is to be "Double Selvage” or "Double Mesh Selvage”
    • whether the selvage is to be made with the same kind of twine as the body net or with thicker twine i.e. Thicker Selvage or with different twine. If it is thicker or different twine, please specify the twine specification.
    • whether the selvage is to be made on the top or the bottom of the net, or on both sides, or on somewhere of the body net.

    If you do not specify the selvage, we understand that the net is to have Single Selvage on both sides made of the same twine as that of the body net.

  7. Colour

    The nets can be dyed into any colour according to requirement. However, colour sample provided would be greatly appreciated.

  8. Type Of Knot

    In general, it can be divided into two categories, namely knotted and knotless (Raschel)

    For knotted, the knots can be either single or double knot as below:

    The knots (single and double) can be stretched in two ways as below: