Jaya Nets

Malaysia’s largest synthetic fishing nets, ropes and twines manufacturer and supplier

  • Founded Jaya Nets in 1985 by Dato’ Chew Hui Thong, the current chairman of the company.
  • Built the 1st Manufacturing Plant in 1985 at Port Klang, Selangor and started production operations in 1987 with core business in the manufacturing of synthetic fishing and industrial nets, ropes, twines and yarns.
  • Implemented the Continuous Expansion Programme with the installation of advance production machinery from Japan, Germany and Denmark since 1988.
  • Successfully emerged as Malaysia’s largest fishing net, rope and twine manufacturer in 1991.
  • Started exporting to regional markets in South East Asia in 1992 and has been continuously gaining market share ever since in the international world markets.
  • Registered the well known Eagle brand as our Malaysian Trademarks for fishing net, rope and twine products in 2001.
  • Successfully obtained ISO 9001 Certification on Quality Management System in 2004.
  • Established 2nd Manufacturing Plant in 2011 at Jalan Kapar, Klang, Selangor in order to meet the ever increasing market demand from both domestic and abroad by investing in the latest computerised high technology rope making machines from Denmark and started manufacturing operations the same year.
  • Customer oriented management with commitment towards quality and improvement has been the key to the success of Jaya Nets, which has remained as Malaysia largest manufacturer and supplier of fishing nets, rope and twine products.


  • 成功绳网工业成立於1985年,由本公司的現任主席拿督周远通创办。
  • 1985年开始建厂,1987投入生产,主要生产鱼网和工業网,绳索和网线。
  • 自1988年以來不断扩大产能。从日本,德国和丹麥引进先進的生产机械。
  • 在1991年成为马来西亚最大的鱼网,绳索和网线制造商。
  • 在1992年,开始出口到东南亞的区域市场,同时进入欧州,非洲, 南美洲 以及其它国际市场。
  • 在2001年,注册老鷹牌为马來西亞鱼网,绳索和网线产品商标。
  • 在2004年成功取得ISO 9001 质量管理体系认证。
  • 为了滿足來自国內外日益增長的市场需求,公司以2011年建立第二厂房於吧生加埔路。投資來自以丹麥最新电腦高科技的生产机械,并与同年開始生产营运。
  • 作為马来西亚最大的鱼网,绳索和网线產品制造商和供应商。公司给客戶的质量保证和承诺,是成功绳网工业,一直保持成功的关键。


To further strengthen our position as the leading manufacturer and supplier of quality fishing net, rope and twine products in Malaysia and the regional markets.


进一步加强我们鱼网, 绳索和网线的质量,成为马来西亚的产品和区域市场的领先地位。


Our company's Mission is aptly derived from our acronym.

Journey together with our valued customers for a long term growth and mutual benefits.

Acquire skills and knowledge by emphasising efficiency and productivity.

Yes to continuous improvements and innovations.

Adapt to market changes by maintaining competitiveness through quality products and good services.



通过不断的产品改良与研发, 来适应市场变化以配合客户的要求.